Official Team Statement

Creating and selling raffles is part of travel baseball. For kids to learn the game of baseball, they need expert training and then be able to execute that training on the field by attending tournaments both locally and regionally. This comes at a cost. Baseball should not be limited to those that can afford it. Kids with the talent and willingness to learn the game should be able to participate in team sports. As a 100% non-profit organization, all proceeds donated and/or raised by our fundraisers go toward helping kids to pursue their dreams.

We chose to create a raffle that would attract the attention of those that would love the opportunity to support our kids. The parents know their support circles better than anyone else. It is the responsibility of the parents to raise funds for their children. If they chose not to raise the funds, they understand that it is their financial burden to endure.

All local and federal laws are being followed with this raffle as with any other raffle that we have and will conduct in the future. At no time are the kids in the presence of the items that are being raffled. Once the winner is drawn on December 18th, the items will be given to a dealer with a Federal Firearms License. At that point, the winner will have to go through the same federally mandated process as anyone else that would want to purchase them. If they are not able to meet the federally mandated regulations, the items will be raffled off again next year.

Our raffle does not advocate for or against gun control and/or rights. We advocate for kids that want to play baseball. If you are not interested in our raffle, you can donate below. The more we raise, the more we can do for the kids. 

Drawing will be held tomorrow on Facebook Live! No more raffles are available.